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It’s winter already, and so many months passed so quickly. I’ve been working on the website of the Worlds of Domination Association ( with the Webmaster. And I know that it doesn’t show, but I also worked on a lot on stories, pictures, events… I hope you’ll like the new website—of course, as usual, your comments are welcomed about it, would it be about its look or some technical problem you might encounter.

Unfortunately, some among you with an account might have to register again to the site, sorry for the inconvenience, we did our best.
Next week, I start re-releasing (at last) the “White Fillies” illustrated novels, starting with “Poaching the White Fillies“, renewed and better. Hopefully, the rest will follow quicker than scheduled, as I’ll publish them in English only for the time being, and the last novels need fewer corrections than the first ones.

I also salute the excellent Clarence Etienne‘s entry on the site. We have been friends for decades, and I’m happy to welcome her as a member of “Worlds of Domination“. We’ll have to wait a bit for something to buy from her, but feel free to browse her presentation on the site.

Have fun

CLARENCE ETIENNE’s presentation 

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