The Rise of Shazilar


     This is the second novel about the further adventures of Zwanga, the Lord of the Animals, his meeting with Lady June and his fight with his enemy the irresistible Maruk and the treacherous females under his thumb.

With this book, the Worlds of Domination association can now sell all the books ever released by my two previous publishers. The next ones will be new… and will come very soon.

Good reading


   Zwanga takes a mate outside of Shazilar, though keeps in secret his old Shazilari lifestyle. Thirty years after his first steps in the Valley, he discovers that his enemy Maruk had always been many steps ahead of him…

Pdf document
296 pages (103 double-pages)
52 500 words & 28 Drawings
10 full resolution drawings (9 new)
12 smaller drawings

At the Louvre


There you have the first picture of me ever released. I’m creating an international studio for Dark Erotica fiction in France, and decided to only do that from now on, so there is no point in hiding my face any more. I stand in front of the huge painting of Eugène Delacroix “The Death of Sardanapale” at the Louvre Museum in Paris, one of the best orientalist paintings ever.

Have fun