Securing the White Fillies

The fifth illustrated novel in the White Fillies series is out on the site of Worlds of Domination: Securing the White Fillies from 2005, in a third and much improved edition.

The adventures of Marie-Thérèse de Cuisse continue. She is still in the Ethnic Facility of Malik Maruk on the Naouda Cliff, though can’t be trained properly as long as she can understand what the Maruks say, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Securing the White Fillies”

  1. Bonjour,Alonzo. Comment allez-vous? 🙂 Je voudrais savoir si parmi vos prochains projects, figure l´illustration de la serie de Gordon Kerr (“the black hand´s whip” ) Ce serait merveilleux! 🙂

    1. Bonjour Clara,
      Your French is perfect!
      I reply to you in English so that other Gordon Kerr fans can understand.
      I’ve already drawn half the pictures for illustrating Gordon’s three last books. Unfortunately, I had no news about him for almost 6 years, so I stopped working on it. Gordon gave me the rights for the illustrated version of “Black Domination”, but I don’t have the rights for publishing “The black Hand Whip”, even if I have proof that the last two on Kindle (the volume 2 and 3) were published without his agreement (I mean on Kindle only. On A1adultebooks it was legit).
      Of course, I could finish the graphic work and release it as a portfolio of pictures only, to avoid that problem, but I would have so much preferred an illustrated extended version eBook like the “Black Domination” one.
      I don’t know why Gordon disappeared in the middle of a conversation with me. I hope this is only about the destruction of his computer, not anything worse, but if he’s there somewhere, I guess he would have contacted me through this blog… so, I don’t know if there’s any chance to get an extended version, to get the rights from him for putting an illustrated version of the actual ones, and even less if there’s going to be a volume 4 to this series.
      So, I guess I’ll continue some pictures and publish them alone when I finish (in quite a lot of time, as I’m very busy with my own new books).

      Best regards

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