Route of the Slaves


At last, I put online the third and last series of the Valley portfolios.
Route of the Slaves is now back on sale. Next, the Valley novels.
Other artists will soon come to join me as Worlds of Domination ( is a collective that I’m proud to be in. I took some advance on them, as you can see.

Thanks to all of you who already registered to the site, especially to those who tipped us on some issues as we are all artists and new to this. These problems have been solved. Don’t hesitate to contact me or the webmaster if you find some problems on the site.
Don’t hesitate also to note the books and/or comment them.

Have fun

2 thoughts on “Route of the Slaves”

  1. Dear Alonzo,

    Would you consider releasing editions of your work without any depictions of people under 18? My nation’s laws (United States) are very draconian about that sort of thing. Even illustrations of those that could be perceived to be underage are treated as child pornography. I had to delete the books I downloaded from your store.

    Thank you,

    Concerned Customer

    1. Hello,

      Of course, I don’t depict anyone under 18, even if it’s only art and nobody has been hurt in the doing. I hate the idea of showing children, and God knows how difficult it is to avoid it when depicting stories taking place in a dystopic fiction. If you had read my books, you’ll know that I always managed to skip the subject of children for just that reason.
      You might have mistaken young girls with the Valley pets, who are selected for generations to be petite and other characteristics like long tongue and special agility. In no way they are under age, because the Shazilarian Law forbids it too.

      I’m sorry it shocked you, but it’s normal to be shocked about a world that mixes the beauty of sex with a nightmarish society. My books are about absolute power and how it corrupts, before anything else.


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