can you give us a status report on projects for 2013???
Obviously, your fans await your works with great anticipation and
meanwhile we wish you a jolly holiday season and fine new year…

Albert from California


Hi Albert,

Thanks, and all the same to you.
I am finishing the process of updating my graphic portfolios, with the last two almost ready to be released.
After that, I will release the third volume of the White Cattle series (at last!), then the first volume of a new crossover series (based on what was in “Debasing the White Fillies” but is not in “Degrading the White Fillies”), then the next “White Fillies” volume.
I will also make available the two portfolios of drawings I made for Allan Aldiss’ “Harem Breeding Slave” and will release a new one illustrating Gordon Kerr’s “Black Hand Whip” series.

Merry Christmas,



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