Alonzo… only got part of your last chariot pix… not you! are you
leaving your novel work???

Al Beltrami


Hi Al,

Thank you for your support.
You are not the only person to tell me the picture was incomplete, so I guess there was a technical problem somewhere in the process of publishing the feed.
I won’t repost my picture, but you can always find the source of the feed in the new Chariot blog, which url is:
Find the picture in the “special announcements” section.

I’m definitely not leaving my novel work. On the contrary, I’m developing the means to escape censorship so that I can live of both writing and drawing. I’m creating a collective structure for artists and writers from all countries in the world who do that kind of work, in painting, in writing etc… and promote it (and sell it if needed) in a country where nudity is not targeted (France, actually, where nudity is on every national monument!).
Of course, this feed will be the place where I will give first any last news about my work. I know it is worth it : I’m sure I will make more novels (and more pictures too !) than exhausting myself by having continuously to slalom between censors’ attacks.

Have fun


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