Dear Alonzo,
Just 1 month ago you announced a new release, but I’ve seen nothing so far; what happened?
Are you still working on it?
Looking forward purchasing all you novelties,
best regards,



Hi Wool,

My last message was intended to announce a “next month release”, and I just realize, re-reading it, that I forgot to mention that, making it it look like I am announcing its immediate release.
Sorry about that and thank you for your patience, especially that in addition to that, I am also a bit late for the release.
You may have noticed that there have been many changes : I am no more on bdsmbooks.com, beeing now exclusive to A1adultebooks.com. Despite it will ease things greatly for me in the near future, for the moment it meant a lot of distraction in my work.
Still, I can safely say that “Degrading the white Fillies” will be out in two weeks.



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