Dear Alonzo,
I love the ‘Galley Slave’ concept and your drawing and would love to see more on this side of Rasheedian life sometime!
Do Rasheedian Masters hold races between their galleys?

P L Richards


This picture was intended for a book to come (though I may not use it after all, as the style doesn’t match so much my newer drawings on the subject).
However, my schedule is so busy it will not be right now.
I am currently preparing a crossover series to the White Fillies, and this is scheduled for its book 2, where galleys will be involved.
The galleys will be used around Paradise Island, the place where Empress Rasheeda spends her holidays.
Wealthy Rasheedians will make races and other jousts and I have tons of action pictures with rowing slaves to go with it, like the rough sketch that follows..

Have fun,


2 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. Dear Alonzo

    I have just noticed about your return. I have missed you for a long time, and I was worried that situation could became definitive. I guess your incredible artwork is difficult to understand and accept. You are among the best artists and BDSM authors ever. Please, don’t give up.

    All your slavery concept is great (For me, specially the Valley of Shazilar), nevertheless, as PL Richards has introduced, I encourage you to present a Galley Slaves graphic novel & series. I’ve ever found this thematic irresistible delicious and I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    Yours sincerely
    A big fan of yours

    1. Hi Tauroman,

      Thank you for your nice words.
      Yes, I went through a lot these last years, and it certainly wasted a lot of my creative time, but even in the worst situations, I never considered once quitting on drawing and writing my stories.
      Here I am as I was eight years ago, but in a stabilized situation and people supporting my work… also with a lot of raw material to sort out for making new books.
      Yes, I’ll put galley stuff in one or two stories to come, but I have a huge number of half(or almost)-finished books to make first.

      Many thanks for your support

      Best regards

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