It is time for another letter from a reader that reflects others I got these last months. I prefer to leave Gordon reply directly to you:

love your art but my question is if gordon kerr is writing anything new

I’m afraid I’m caught in the economy just like everyone else- only in reverse. Putting in 16 hour days at the office.
These days I do technical writing for a large firm, and the rest of my department, (or so it seems) has been laid off, so I’m swamped. I am still working on BDSM, but very slowly at the moment. I’ll probably get the axe at my day job at some point, then the stories will come at a much faster pace.

I can’t promise, but I do hope to have another novel out in the spring.

A special thanks to the readers for their patience, and I am still very interested in ideas and storylines. I do try to answer all the mail.


There you have the explanation. In the meantime, you can still complete your collection in the Gordon Kerr section of the Secret library.

have fun.


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