I got one request on the Chariot, and as it reflects some questions many of you did ask me in private these last weeks, I will take the opportunity to give a release schedule of my books to come :

Dear Alonzo,
I’m starving and you go on sending teasers :-)
Thanks, they are great but when are you going to release your new works?
Or don’t you have interest in selling?
best regards

Dear Wool,

I decided, not so long ago, to be Alonzo Serai 100% of my time, which means to write and draw full time D/s and Fetish to make a living. Therefore I have more interest in selling than ever.
Once I took that decision, I needed to strenghten my basic work : updating the Graphic Portfolios I have been doing for 10 years, and that is what I have done these last few months, and it is a lot of work.
Though writing my texts in French and then translating them in English is ultimately a faster process and it greatly improves quality, in addition to opening a second market for my books.
Next Graphic Portfolio update in French, “Ambassador of the Valley of the Slaves”, that will be available in the days to come, will be followed immediately by the joint release of “Captives of the Valley of the Slaves” in both English and French, and after that all my books will be released that way, in both languages.
It will take only a few more weeks to release the last updates for “Valley of the Slaves” Graphic portfolios.
The months that will follow, I will release three full-sized novels that are already almost written, while continuating the updates for the “Route of the Slaves” series of Graphic Portfolios. The first novel will be “Degrading the White Fillies”, in March or April. In the weeks to come, I will have a better idea of the release date, and will keep you informed in the Chariot.

In the meantime, I think I can send some more pictures to share my gratitude to voters. Some of these drawings are not scheduled for books anyway and, I think, are self-sufficient.

All the best for 2011


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