Kickstarter Project


     The World of Domination Association has put a project on Kickstarter to publish my three first portfolios as an art-book, with newer scans of the originals. 
     It is called “The Valley of the White Cattle“, has 80 pages, and is sold with a fascicle called “Shazilar little Touristic Guide” available only for this release up to September 24.
     I’m sure that you won’t skip that opportunity to get my artwork in a real book for the first time, and help it exist.
    To support it and get the books, just click on the pictures and pick one of the three English options. It is the books in French and a supplementary fascicle with the text in English, but if there is more than 100 pre-orders, it will turn it into a regular English edition.
    If you still wonder how Kickstarter works, know that if the project doesn’t succeed, they refund integrally your bank card. If it works, then, you’ll have this fantastic book and its supplement for collectors.
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