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I am glad and proud to announce you that the Chariot will also be, from now on, the number one place for news about American writer Gordon Kerr.
A great opportunity to offer you that picture from his book “Black Domination—Ultimate Illustrated Edition”.

have fun.


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  1. Is the author still alive? I enjoy his books very much, but there seems to be a confusion about another Gordon Kerr, an author of History books. Where can I find more books like “Born to slavery”? Thank you

    1. Hi William,
      Our Gordon Kerr is not the same as the historian. Unfortunately, ours is too busy with his business to write anymore. Maybe in a few years, he’ll retire and start writing again, at least I hope so. In the meantime, you’ll find Black Domination special edition here, and his other books here.


  2. Gordon Kerr has a lot fans posting comments here. Would any of you like to correspond and share thoughts on what you enjoy in particular about his works? Perhaps share ideas of things we might like to see written about in his fictional settings?

      1. Hello Jason and Mike, that’s a good idea, and you are most welcome to it, though I created a group on Fetlife dedicated to just that which is a much better and safer place to chat than a blog.
        You just have to subscribe to Fetlife.com, and then go to the group that I created on it for such purpose: Worlds of Domination.
        I left this group alone for years, but it just needs some members to make it alive again. I will open a topic on Gordon Kerr, so that all his readers can share their interest.

        Have fun

        1. Thanks Alonzo. Great idea. It is a pity Gordon Kerr no longer writes. This dude is fantastic! For years I have been looking for references on him and just today you solved this doubt about the historian Kerr and our Gordon Kerr. Thank you a lot for that. I will try to connect with Jason and jump to your site. All the best, Alonzo.

          1. Great, I just created the topic.
            Just go to this url:
            and if you’re not already a member, subscribe to the site (entirely free and without surprises) before accessing the page of the group.

            Have fun

      2. I have posted an opening comment on Alonzo’s Fetlife group to discuss Gordon Kerr. Please feel welcome to respond.

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