Black Domination Ultimate Edition

At last, the classic book that I illustrated for Gordon Kerr is back on sale. Need I remind you that Gordon had enhanced his novel for this special edition?
Just click on a picture to see the details.

Have fun

234 Pages
85 000 Words
17 Drawings

7 thoughts on “GORDON KERR”

  1. Hello Clara,
    Indeed, it’s a shame. Last time I had news from him was a long time ago, when he told me that he was overloaded with work and couldn’t write anymore.
    Maybe he doesn’t get my mails. Maybe they go in his spam folder? I don’t know.
    I long for his next stories too.


  2. You might like Earthly Masters, a novel set in a universe in which modern European settlers are conquered by an indigenous revolutionary movement.

  3. I joined Selectacorp and its Patreon site and have found it to be fantastic and worth the $5 for Patreon. A few games and novels don’t work since Flash Player has ended but there is still plenty of fun to be had.

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