Hello and happy new year 2022

After months of thankless work rebuilding the website after the destruction of our shop window by hackers, we can at last present you the new version of the "Worlds of Domination Association" website.
The hackers never accessed our database, but since we rebuilt the site from scratch, you'll need to create a new account (for those who had one).

There is still some work to do, but the essential is there and the cart works fine. Thank you to signal us link errors or bugs if you find any. Every suggestion is welcome.

You'll notice that we have limited the currency to euro, which is much simpler for us artists to manage accounting, leaving Paypal do the conversions for us. The good news is that I initiated a general fall in for the prices of my ebooks, for the first time since the opening of the site.

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Kickstarter Project


     The World of Domination Association has put a project on Kickstarter to publish my three first portfolios as an art-book, with newer scans of the originals. 
     It is called “The Valley of the White Cattle“, has 80 pages, and is sold with a fascicle called “Shazilar little Touristic Guide” available only for this release up to September 24.
     I’m sure that you won’t skip that opportunity to get my artwork in a real book for the first time, and help it exist.
    To support it and get the books, just click on the pictures and pick one of the three English options. It is the books in French and a supplementary fascicle with the text in English, but if there is more than 100 pre-orders, it will turn it into a regular English edition.
    If you still wonder how Kickstarter works, know that if the project doesn’t succeed, they refund integrally your bank card. If it works, then, you’ll have this fantastic book and its supplement for collectors.
   Good reading


Route of the Slaves


At last, I put online the third and last series of the Valley portfolios.
Route of the Slaves is now back on sale. Next, the Valley novels.
Other artists will soon come to join me as Worlds of Domination ( is a collective that I’m proud to be in. I took some advance on them, as you can see.

Thanks to all of you who already registered to the site, especially to those who tipped us on some issues as we are all artists and new to this. These problems have been solved. Don’t hesitate to contact me or the webmaster if you find some problems on the site.
Don’t hesitate also to note the books and/or comment them.

Have fun

Shop Opening !



At last, my eBooks are on sale again after years of unavailability.

I created with a few others the Worlds of Domination Association to promote and sell the works of Domination and Fetish artists. I’m the only one with something to sell for now but others will soon put their pictures or objects on sale too.

You can purchase with your bank card through Paypal, or with (milli)Bitcoins if you prefer. Only the two first Valley series are on sale now, but I’ll put the third one online next week, and continue until I’ve put all my books… and new ones later !
You can choose language between English and French, and may notice that purchasing a whole series saves you 20%, when their prices are already cheaper than ever. Just click on the picture !

Have fun

Available now :

the 3

and the 7

see details on the
Worlds of Domination

Back with a vengeance


Yes I know, I’ve left for a very long time, and I’m very sorry for that. As you might have noticed, my books are no more on sale on the Internet, despite the efforts of my publisher to make it work.

I have been through a lot these last years and I tried to carry on, but so many obstacles on my road.  The price of being an artist, I guess… moreover an explicit and transgressive one !

Fortunately, now I’m safe an sound with a place to work, my job leaves me some time to get back at it, and I have a new scanner. So, I’m reopening The Chariot on a new server. I imported old posts from the previous blogs as much as I could, so you can access them at

Watch for the news there, as it’s coming soon.

Have fun


Nuit Blanche


Once again, for the ones who are not too far from Paris, you can come to see some of my work exhibited during the “Nuit Blanche”, an event in Paris.

There you have the presentation in French :

A l’occasion de la Nuit Blanche, Isa Kaos, Alonzo Serai et Olivier Soares Barbosa vous invitent à venir voir leur exposition “100 dessous dessus” au 2eme étage du 100ECS,

100 Rue de Charenton
75012 Paris