Outfoxing the White Fillies


There you have the second novel from the White Fillies series: Outfoxing the White Fillies.
It’s a re-release of 2003, perfected in 2008 and presented in its third and last edition.

Meet Malik Maruk, grandson of Maruk, son of Malik, and follow his twisted schemes to train white fillies in his remote facility on the Naouda Cliff.
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Poaching the White Fillies

That picture has been quite famous actually, but I can’t resist showing it to you again to advertise the book where it’s from, my first full-length novel “Poaching the White fillies” (originally simply “The White Fillies”).
In 2003, I chose to add real novels to my pictures, and I started this new series “The White Fillies”, beginning right after the events of “Princess of the Slaves”.
Since that, I made major transformations in a second longer version in 2008 and perfected it ten years later in this third version, that is the definitive one.

Next week, I’ll put online the second book of the series “Outfoxing the White Fillies”, then will put one more of the series about every month.

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Website Update


It’s winter already, and so many months passed so quickly. I’ve been working on the website of the Worlds of Domination Association (mondesdedomination.com) with the Webmaster. And I know that it doesn’t show, but I also worked on a lot on stories, pictures, events… I hope you’ll like the new website—of course, as usual, your comments are welcomed about it, would it be about its look or some technical problem you might encounter.

Unfortunately, some among you with an account might have to register again to the site, sorry for the inconvenience, we did our best.
Next week, I start re-releasing (at last) the “White Fillies” illustrated novels, starting with “Poaching the White Fillies“, renewed and better. Hopefully, the rest will follow quicker than scheduled, as I’ll publish them in English only for the time being, and the last novels need fewer corrections than the first ones.

I also salute the excellent Clarence Etienne‘s entry on the site. We have been friends for decades, and I’m happy to welcome her as a member of “Worlds of Domination“. We’ll have to wait a bit for something to buy from her, but feel free to browse her presentation on the site.

Have fun

CLARENCE ETIENNE’s presentation 


Black Domination Ultimate Edition

At last, the classic book that I illustrated for Gordon Kerr is back on sale. Need I remind you that Gordon had enhanced his novel for this special edition?
Just click on a picture to see the details.

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234 Pages
85 000 Words
17 Drawings

Route of the Slaves


At last, I put online the third and last series of the Valley portfolios.
Route of the Slaves is now back on sale. Next, the Valley novels.
Other artists will soon come to join me as Worlds of Domination (mondesdedomination.com) is a collective that I’m proud to be in. I took some advance on them, as you can see.

Thanks to all of you who already registered to the site, especially to those who tipped us on some issues as we are all artists and new to this. These problems have been solved. Don’t hesitate to contact me or the webmaster if you find some problems on the site.
Don’t hesitate also to note the books and/or comment them.

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Shop Opening !



At last, my eBooks are on sale again after years of unavailability.

I created with a few others the Worlds of Domination Association to promote and sell the works of Domination and Fetish artists. I’m the only one with something to sell for now but others will soon put their pictures or objects on sale too.

You can purchase with your bank card through Paypal, or with (milli)Bitcoins if you prefer. Only the two first Valley series are on sale now, but I’ll put the third one online next week, and continue until I’ve put all my books… and new ones later !
You can choose language between English and French, and may notice that purchasing a whole series saves you 20%, when their prices are already cheaper than ever. Just click on the picture !

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Available now :

the 3

and the 7

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